The White Rose of York


The first application for registration of The Old Yorkist Society was successfully made on the 2nd of June 1966 by Tom Wittingham Brown (The Headmaster); Humphrey Nigel Slade (School Master); Peter Neville James Talkington (an airline executive) and Keith Howard Osmond (an advocate). The four served as the founding President, Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary respectively. They were presented with the certificate of registration No. SOC/6685 as well as the special exemption certificate No. 1625 by Mr. Robert Duncan McLaren, the assistant registrar of societies in Kenya at the time, on the 6th of July 1966.

At an extra-ordinary general meeting of the society chaired by David Oketch on 20th May 1979, a resolution was passed to change the name of the society to The Laibon Society, adopted by a two thirds majority at the meeting and recorded as minute number 57/79. Mr. Simon Kamere, a committee member, was charged with the task of drafting the amended society's constitution. It was submitted to the registrar of societies and an approval granted on the 27th of March 1980 by James Allan who was the then assistant registrar of societies. And followed up with a Kenya Gazette notice number 1061. This constitution stands to this day. The current serving office bearers were elected at the last AGM held on 14th June 2018.
The White Rose of York


If you are a past student of Lenana School, you are automatically eligible for the FREE mailing list subscription here
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School staff (having served more than 2 years) may apply for membership and be voted in by a simple majority at an AGM. The prevailing joining subscription of Kshs 2,500 buys you an official Laibon Tie and Badge to be adorned during all Laibon functions (Yes, your head of house will carry out an inspection!!) plus one year's subscription. Annual renewal subscriptions to the society currently stand at Kshs 1,000 and these go towards the administrative costs to run the activities of the secretariat office.
You can make payment through cheque to The Laibon Society OR Mpesa Paybill No.: 527200 Account: SUBS2017Accounts are published annually and presented for scrutiny during the AGM by the Treasurer.
The White Rose of York


The Laibon Society's primary mission is to foster reunion and build networks amongst past students who share a history from having their distinct characters forged at Lenana School during that important phase of their lives. This is where life-long bonds are made that often evolve into strong and useful "Old Boys' networks". 
An annual calendar of events includes Founders day; AGM dinner; elections; Family Open day; Charity Golf and the  monthly Lunch and Talk series. All upcoming social events are posted in advance on our new official events page. To make sure you do not miss any invitation alerts, go to The Laibon Society Social Network and click on the follow button.
The White Rose of York


Catching up with your classmates has become far easier with the advent of social media. The Laibon Society maintains an official members-only Google+ page where alumni can interact and reach out to each other. Simply follow the page then search for the name of your classmate. Chances are, they too are following this page. It is the best way to find a long lost friend/OR foe, and re-establish contact. Our annual dinner event serves as the main reunion for alumni. It's the one event that you won't want to miss, so subscribe to the mailing list and also follow our events page to get the invitations in time.
The White Rose of York